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TWR 175: How to Reset Your Body and Optimize Your Immune System with Elissa Goodman

Welcome to another episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast. In this episode, Amber welcomes Elissa Goodman, cleanse expert, best-selling author, and personal health educator. Elissa shares with us a little more about her story, the health problems she has experienced, and how these issues inspired her to help others take better care of their health with a different and non-traditional approach.

Elissa’s programs help her clients to understand more about their health and identify what is working and what is not. She also helps her clients when it comes to diet shifts, lifestyle changes, and even gut health. In this episode, you will learn some of the food changes we should make in order to elevate our health, how to approach all types of foods (including processed foods), Elissa’s current eating habits to feel better, and easy ways to make the gut function the way it is supposed to.

Elissa’s latest book talks more in-depth about her battle with cancer and her story. Check the link below.

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Key Highlights

  • Elissa’s health issues inspired her to start helping others holistically
  • Elissa’s morning routine and morning diet and how it relates to intermittent fasting.
  • Easy ways to make the gut function better and how to reset it
  • Learn some of the food swaps to elevate health
  • How to navigate processed foods for optimal health
  • The writing process for Elissa’s latest book and what people can expect from it
  • Who Elissa’s programs and offers are for

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