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TWR 178: Better Habits Equal a Better Life with Michael Chernow

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, Amber connects with Michael Chernow. Michael is an entrepreneur and founder of Kreatures of Habit, and today he shares his inspiring personal story of transformation and offers tips and hacks for creating impactful habits. They discuss the importance of flexibility, consistency, and self-awareness in habit formation for personal and professional success. Michael speaks about the importance of focusing more on consistency than perfection.

Michael also shares more about his own journey of overcoming addiction and creating healthy habits through fitness and nutrition. Michael emphasizes the balance between being obsessed with fitness and nutrition and not letting it become an addiction. They also discuss the relationship between addiction, fitness, and nutrition.

With some simple but effective practices, Michael has improved his confidence and self-esteem. Michael talks about his invigorating morning routine, including stretching, cold plunges, and red light therapy. Chernow shares his self-care practices that set him up for a successful day, as well as his gratitude practice and how he asks himself what would make today great. Tune in to learn how to build a routine that energizes and sets you up for a successful day.

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Key Highlights

  • It’s far more important to be consistent than perfect when it comes to our fitness and nutrition goals.
  • Michael shares his history of abuse and addiction. Being depressed at such a young age didn’t prevent him from becoming a better person.
  • Michael talks about the importance of exercising and how fitness created a sense of confidence for him.
  • changing the course of your journey with fitness and nutrition
  • There’s only one way to stop addiction: deciding to stop it. And this applies to alcohol and drug addiction, work addiction, or food addiction.
  • Learn the best tips and strategies for a more productive morning and a more peaceful night.

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