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TWR 179: Breaking the Cycle: Making Hard Choices and Trusting Your Gut for Lasting Transformation with Kaitlin Anthony

Are you tired of feeling like you have to conform to society’s expectations when it comes to relationships, wellness, and even physical appearance? Do you want to break free from the constraints of what is considered “normal” and embrace what truly makes you happy? Then you need to listen to this podcast episode!

Amber Shaw and Kaitlin Anthony dive into the topics of authenticity, resilience, and self-care in this episode of The Wellness Revolution podcast. Kaitlin shares her personal story of overcoming limiting beliefs and finding internal fulfillment.

Kaitlin Anthony is an empowerment coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Kaitlin always felt like she had an unfriendly relationship with women in general, which is ironic because she eventually fell in love with helping women love themselves. Through coaching, Kaitlin helps clients love their bodies and recover self-confidence for good.

Amber and Kaitlin discuss diet culture and the best practices to change our lifestyle to achieve sustainable weight loss. At one point, Kaitlin herself was stuck in a cycle of losing weight, gaining it all back, losing again, and so on. She realized that people shouldn’t focus so much on the result but more on the process. Falling in love with the process is the key.

In addition, they talk about relationships, partnerships, and how important it is to feel supported when you are sharing life with someone. Kaitlin shares more about her own story, her divorce, and how she came to realize that life is more about what we want versus what we think it’s supposed to be.

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Key Highlights

  • Kaitlin fell in love with coaching and helping other women love their bodies for good despite not always being super connected with women.
  • Daily habits are crucial to losing weight: mindset, sleeping habits, and water intake are all key actions to pay attention to.
  • Kaitlin realized that finding joy in the process is the key to a sustainable weight loss journey.
  • The mentality that “I will only be happy when I lose x amount of weight” is more prejudicial than beneficial.
  • Kaitlin talks about the process of her divorce, how she felt unsupported during her pregnancy, and how it all changed when she met her new partner.
  • No one has power over you. Life is about what you want, not what you think it is supposed to be.
  • Learn the best tips and strategies for a more productive morning and a more peaceful night.

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