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TWR 181: The Healthcare Revolution: Optimize Your Health Today with Dr. Julie Foucher

In this episode, Amber welcomes Dr. Julie Foucher to The Wellness Revolution podcast. Dr. Julie shares relevant tips for everyone, specifically women over 40, wanting to take better care of their health. When we talk about optimal health, there are four aspects that we need to pay attention to every day: nutrition, exercise, sleep quality, and stress. These are super important factors for someone trying to lose weight as well.

However, trying to be perfect with these four pillars can prevent you from getting the fifth aspect right: emotional health. If we stress too much about optimizing our health, we end up doing the exact opposite.

You will also learn everything about Wild Health, the company Dr. Julie works for. She explains that every client that seeks Wild Health is designated an individual doctor who will dive into each individual’s history, lifestyle, and weaknesses to treat them properly. Dr. Julie also shares the main points that women over 40 need to focus on when it comes to taking better care of their health and optimizing their wellness.

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Key Highlights

  • The type of people who are interested in CrossFit tends to follow a busy lifestyle and like intensity in all areas of life.
  • CrossFit is intense, but the recovery side of it needs to be, as well.
  • Each patient at Wild Health works with an individual doctor, and it’s necessary to listen to the patient’s story and learn more about their lifestyle in order to treat them properly.
  • Calories matter to a degree, but maybe something else is preventing weight loss. Most people are undereating or not eating enough protein, which is also a significant factor.
  • Trying to be perfect when optimizing health can cause emotional distress, which ironically can prevent someone from optimizing their health.
  • Learn what women over 40 need to focus on when taking better care of their health.

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