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TWR 185: How to Prevent Joint Pain and Inflammation in the Body with Dr. Josh Levitt

Join this episode of The Wellness Revolution as Amber welcomes Dr. Josh Levitt. Dr. Josh has over 20 years of direct clinical experience and has helped thousands of patients with natural solutions to all medical problems. Today, he shares tangible tips and a few lifestyle changes that one can follow to prevent inflammation in the body, manage joint pain, and reduce the chances of injuring or reinjuring.

Dr. Josh highlights that movement is medicine. Our bodies depend on it for optimal health. That’s why it is beneficial to move our bodies regularly when we have an injury or chronic pain.

You will also learn about the best foods and supplements to avoid inflammation and prevent joint pain. Dr. Josh shares specific foods and supplements that can help prevent you from getting inflamed and have you moving with ease. He also explains the differences between healthy fats vs. saturated fats and how to better understand food labels.

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Key Highlights

  • Learn all types of easy-to-follow tips and lifestyle changes (including dietary changes) to prevent inflammation in the body and joint pain.
  • People often want the quick fix. Although supplements can be beneficial to our bodies, there’s nothing like natural foods for optimal health.
  • Movement is medicine and is the best thing to do when recovering from an injury; our bodies need movement to perform better and live longer.
  • Supplements and food play a major role in preventing inflammation in the body. In addition, it’s fundamental to incorporate healthy fats into our diets.

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