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TWR 186: HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket: Detox Your Body and Boost Your Mood with Lauren Berlingeri

In this episode, Amber talks with Lauren Berlingeri, an entrepreneur and co-founder of HigherDOSE. HigherDOSE has a variety of products created to help people feel their best. Their #1 product is the Sauna Blanket, an infrared blanket that elevates the body’s thermal energy, burns calories, enhances relaxation, and detoxes the body. It is currently the #1 selling Sauna Blanket.

Lauren shares what it was like coming up with the idea of HigherDOSE, and what inspired her and her business partner to keep going despite the challenges of founding a company during the pandemic. She says that in the end, the timing was perfect because they could help people from all over when they needed it the most.

Lauren also explains how the Sauna Blanket works, its benefits, and how one can take the most out of the product. All HigherDOSE products have several benefits for the body. Some of the benefits of the Sauna Blanket include putting the body into a parasympathetic state (relaxation), helping with recovery, blood circulation, skin health, and much more.

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Key Highlights

  • Lauren explains the differences between infrared heat vs. conventional heat and sauna blankets vs. conventional saunas. She explains that the body responds well to infrared heat because it mimics sunlight.
  • HigherDOSE’s sauna blanket has lots of detox benefits. It also helps with relaxation, muscle recovery, blood circulation, and skin health.
  • Lauren shares that many people use HigherDOSE’s sauna blanket combined with meditation or cold plunges.
  • Lauren talks more about the other products, including HigherDOSE’s face mask. The infrared heat helps rejuvenate the eyes.
  • Amber and Lauren discuss the beauty industry and what people can expect from it. There are many possibilities now to take better care of our bodies, not just fitness and diet like it used to be.

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