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TWR 187: Understanding and Exploring Spiritual Nutrition with Whitney Aronoff

Whitney Aronoff is a Health Supportive Personal Chef based in Laguna Beach, California. Whitney’s mission is to encourage people to fall in love with food in a way that helps them feel better. Her mission is to empower people to cook for themselves using the best ingredients for the body and soul. In this new episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, she shares practical tips to have more balanced meals, and educates us on the connection between food and spirituality.

Whitney explains that when we pay more attention to what we eat – and how we eat – we give the body more space to process everything it needs to process. Sometimes, the body needs to process a negative experience or a specific trauma from the past, and it simply can’t because it is too “occupied” dealing with the types of food we eat daily. And sometimes, we cause this situation: we distract ourselves with food to avoid certain feelings.

You will also learn the best practical tips when shopping for your food. Whitney explains that eating foods in season is a good solution for those on a budget. Also, buying organic foods does not always mean getting the best product. It’s also important to know how to prepare your food. Whitney shares some best practices on all these topics as well. Tune in to learn more!

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Key Highlights

  • Learn how to use food to feel your best; cleaning your food before cooking makes a huge difference.
  • Whitney explains that cleaning up your diet is a way to clean your body; it gives you more clarity on what you need.
  • You can’t hear your personal noise if you distract or numb yourself with food – especially certain types of food.
  • Whitney shares tips on what to look for when shopping for food. Organic foods, for instance, do not necessarily mean a better product.
  • Whitney explains the concept of high-vibration foods: everything we eat impacts our feelings and energy.
  • Learn the best practices for buying foods in season: not only is it cheaper and fresh, but it also has more nutrients, more water, and more flavor.

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