The Wellness Revolution Podcast with Amber Shaw

TWR 189: From Surviving to Thriving with Kaylor Betts

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, Amber welcomes Kaylor Betts. Kaylor is an entrepreneur and coach with a very original and unapologetic online presence. His main message is that people should look to thrive instead of just survive. Today, he shares his perspective on a variety of topics, explaining what he does to acquire what he calls “mental wealth”.

Kaylor talks about his childhood and adolescence when he used to be in great pain internally, although externally, everything seemed to be ok. He admits he had some privileges that others suffering from mental health issues didn’t have, but this fact doesn’t erase what went through his mind back then. After all, it is not a competition. 

You will also learn all about Kaylor’s way of thinking to attract good things in his life. He believes we can create our reality if we change a few things and act differently. By quitting the victim mentality and owning our choices, we can have what we want, which is an easier and more attainable way of viewing manifestation. Tune in!

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Key Highlights

  • Kaylor shares that he started to feel and see in his body symptoms of anxiety and autoimmune diseases. That is when he decided to take better care of his mental health and try to change his life.
  • Kaylor explains that at one point, he tried to numb the pain and distract himself with alcohol and drugs, but it just amplified his anxiety.
  • Kaylor believes that we have the power to create our reality and attract good things into our life. We just need to wake up and win every day.
  • Kaylor is a big believer in manifestation, and for him, manifestation is about surrendering and being a server to the universe.
  • On another note, Kaylor talks about relationships and how some relationships don’t work because the person needs a partner to feel validated and complete.

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