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TWR 193: Rethinking Your Relationship with Alcohol with Behavioral Change Specialist Maggie Jenson

As we grapple with the societal norms surrounding alcohol consumption, Maggie Jenson, a behavioral change specialist, joins this episode to bust some myths and chart a healthier course. Armed with her poignant story of triumph over addiction, Maggie serves as an inspiration to all who aspire to transform their lives and foster a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Maggie and Amber explore the topic of emotional dependency on alcohol and discuss its underlying implications and repercussions. Maggie offers a glimpse into her past, her reliance on alcohol as a lifeline from traumas, and the role it played in escalating her distress and anxiety. The shocking revelation – it’s seldom about the quantity, but the intent behind the drink that determines our relationship with alcohol. 

Ending on a high note, Maggie dives into the essence of nurturing healthier coping mechanisms for emotional management and habit modification to uplift our lifestyle. Maggie walks us through her expedition of breaking free from alcohol dependency and instilling confidence via physical activities. She underscores the significance of gratitude and purpose in fueling motivation and orchestrating a fulfilling life. So tune in, as we join Maggie in unraveling the complexities of alcohol dependency and pioneering your ideal life.

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Key Highlights

  • Breaking the Cycle of Alcohol Dependency
  • Transforming Coping Mechanisms and Escaping Addiction
  • Alcohol’s Impact and Perception Explored
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Changing Habits
  • Shifting Mindset and Building Ideal Lives

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