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TWR 195: Breaking The Stigma of Herpes and Embracing Uncertainty with Alexandra Harbushka

So many of us have been diagnosed with certain conditions that come with fear, uncertainty, and stigmas. One virus that there is not enough awareness around and tends to come with a stigma, is herpes. In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber has an empowering conversation with Alexandra Harbushka, the founder of Life with Herpes: Breaking the Stigma and Removing the Shame. She shares her bold journey with the herpes virus and how she is breaking the stigma around it.

Some shocking facts are that most people with herpes have no idea, and it can lie dormant for several years. Routine STD tests do not detect herpes, so knowing what to ask your doctor for is essential. Even if this is not a topic that is on your radar, Alexandra’s story is an inspiring testament of turning pain and devastation into purpose and triumph. She turned crushing news into a community of support and awareness.

Alexandra demystifies herpes, differentiating between HSV1 and HSV2, and debunking common misconceptions about the virus. So tune in as Alexandra and Amber journey through an enlightening and uplifting conversation about health and wellness.

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Key Highlights

  • Reframing Dating and Discussing Herpes
  • Understanding Herpes, Breaking the Stigma, and Getting Educated on the Facts

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