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TWR 197: Beyond Collagen: Uncovering the Science of Functional Skincare with Amitay Eshel

Discover how to revolutionize your skincare regimen in this enlightening conversation with Amitay Eshel, the CEO of Young Goose, a pioneer in biohacking skincare. Get set to redefine your understanding of youth and age as Amitay illuminates the intriguing disparity between your skin’s outward radiance and its true biological function. With Amitay’s insights, you will grasp why achieving youthful skin goes beyond just consuming collagen supplements and how his company is leveraging functional medicine to address skin concerns at their core.

Journey with Amitay and Amber as they demystify the science behind skincare product application. Amitay offers a fascinating insight into the key differences between misting and aerosolizing, revealing the optimal amount of product to use for maximum effect. He also delves into the crucial role played by the lymphatic system in skincare, highlighting why a well-drained facial lymphatic system is a game-changer.

Amitay also unpacks the significance of lymphatic massage and bodily movements in enhancing skincare benefits. You will hear about the pros and cons of retinol in skincare, exploring how biomedic lipids can mitigate irritation while promoting skin renewal. Join in on this riveting conversation, and let’s transform how we perceive and care for our skin.

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Key Highlights

  • Addressing Root Causes in Skincare
  • Understanding Product Application and Lymphatic Drainage
  • Injections’ Impact on Skin Health
  • Retinol Benefits and Risks for Skincare

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