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TWR 199: Decoding the Connection between Diet and Inflammation with Amy Wilson

Get ready to uncover truths, debunk myths, and take a vital leap toward a healthier, happier life. You’re guaranteed to leave this episode with a better understanding of how our bodies, beliefs, and diets intersect, and how to break free from the unhealthy cycle of misinformation that the diet industry perpetuates. In this invigorating discussion with Amy Wilson, a certified geriatric pharmacist, fitness professional, and nutrition coach, Amy and Amber delve into the poorly understood implications of chronic under-eating, and how it can lead to unsustainable weight loss and increase our propensity to binge.

Amy then shifts gears to tackle chronic inflammation, a silent, damaging process that can increase the risk of strokes and heart disease. She dissects the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and highlights the importance of consuming real food and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels as a potent weapon against inflammation. This episode promises not just insightful knowledge but also practical strategies, such as the power of intermittent fasting and strength training, to help you combat these health issues.

Amy also breaks down the risks associated with weight loss medications. She unmasks the dangers of drugs like Ozempic, which merely slow down digestion and can result in muscle loss. She underlines the power of real food and fitness as the key to lasting health benefits. This episode is a rallying cry for us to reprioritize our health, overhaul our diets, and transform our lifestyles. So, join in, and let’s start this journey together!

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Key Highlights

  • Empowering Women Over 40
  • Calorie Adjustments for Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Understanding Chronic Inflammation & Metabolic Syndrome
  • Problem With Weight Loss Medications and The Power of Real Food and Fitness

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