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TWR 200: Transform Your Money Mindset with Hanna Bier

Ever caught yourself wondering why you make the choices you do with money? As it turns out, our relationship with money often runs deeper than our wallet, connecting straight back to our upbringing. That’s something Amber’s guest, Hanna Bier – certified life coach, energy healer, and founder of Money Bliss – knows all too well. From navigating her own struggles to building a thriving business, Hanna’s journey with money has seen it all.

You will hear about Hanna’s innovative ‘Money Bliss’ concept, an approach that focuses not just on the dollars, but the joy and gratitude they can bring. It’s about pulling back the curtain on our spending habits, understanding the values driving our choices, and realizing that resourcefulness isn’t about having more money, but about letting our soul guide us. Hanna’s got plenty of insights on how ‘Money Bliss’ can help you strike that perfect balance and bring ease into your life.

Hanna also helps us unpack the weighty connection between money, power, and relationships. She explains the tricky dynamics of power in relationships, with money often playing a leading role. From fostering independence to healthier relationships, it’s amazing what an open conversation about money can achieve. Hanna and Amber also discuss the importance of shifting your mindset for financial abundance, money blocks, and how to clear them.

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Key Highlights

  • Healing Your Relationship With Money
  • Embodying Abundance and Contentment
  • The Relationship Between Trauma and Money
  • Exploring Money Bliss
  • Shifting Perspectives on Money and Relationships
  • Transforming Mindsets for Financial Abundance

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