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TWR 202: Navigating Financial Infidelity and Divorce with Tracy Coenen

Have you found yourself wondering how to navigate the financial complexities of a divorce, or suspecting financial red flags in your relationship? What if there were an expert to guide you through every step? Well, you’re in luck! This episode features forensic accountant Tracy Coenen, author of ‘Find Me The Money,’ a book that aims to empower women to take control of their finances and protect themselves during divorce. Tracy chats with Amber about her book, the common fears women face when dealing with divorce, as well as her Divorce Money Guide, which provides crucial tools and answers to money questions for those going through a divorce.

Tracy delves into the darker side of finances – financial infidelity. It’s something that often starts small, but can snowball into larger, more damaging issues. Tracy walks us through some of the red flags to be aware of such as secretive behavior, hidden purchases, and changes in spending habits. It’s a conversation that anyone in a relationship should listen to as it underlines the importance of maintaining honesty and openness when it comes to money matters.

Tracy covers some practical steps to safeguard your finances during relationships and divorce. Tracy sheds light on the importance of full financial disclosure and shares some resources to help you understand and take control of your finances during this trying time. This episode is a must-listen for anyone wanting to empower themselves financially, whether you’re considering divorce or just want to solidify your financial standing in a relationship.

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Key Highlights

  • Empowering Women in Divorce 
  • Accessing Account Information and Tax Returns
  • Financial Infidelity and How to Spot It
  • Financial Red Flags in Relationships
  • Personal Identity and Financial Independence

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