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TWR 205: Body Acceptance and Its Role in Nervous System Health with María-Victoria Albina

Discover the critical connection between the nervous system and physical health with Amber’s incredible guest, Maria-Victoria Albina. A master-certified somatic life coach, UCSF-trained family nurse practitioner, and breathwork meditation guide, Maria-Victoria is passionate about helping women reclaim their joy by breaking free from codependency, perfectionism, and people-pleasing. You will learn how these behaviors can impact our nervous system and overall health. 

Maria-Victoria explains the link between codependency, perfectionism, and people-pleasing, and the pressure society places on women to live from a place of obligation. She also explores how our nervous system can tune into the world around us and how our behavior can be influenced by our surroundings. Amber and Maria-Victoria talk about the need to release stress for our bodies to return to a state of calm, and how our understanding of emotions in childhood can manifest in adulthood. Get ready to learn a simple tool that can help your nervous system return to a state of calm.

Lastly, you will hear about the power of self-love and acceptance, and how it can influence our relationship with our bodies. Why is it so challenging for women to transition from loathing their bodies to loving them? Fear of acceptance can hinder women from embracing their bodies, contributing to the problem. The conversation sheds light on how self-trust often lacks and how connecting with your body with simple practices can help build that trust.

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Key Highlights

  • Exploring Codependency and Somatics
  • Nervous System and Physical Health Relationship
  • Rediscovering Intuition and Healing
  • Codependency and The Nervous System
  • Simple Nervous System Tools
  • Finding Safety and Self-Validation in Relationships
  • Self-Love and Body Acceptance

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