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TWR 206: Living Through Love with Ruben Rojas

Join this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast as Amber sits down with the multi-talented artist Ruben Rojas, as he shares his inspiring story of leaving corporate America behind to follow his passion for art. Listen in as Ruben talks about how he transformed his passion for art into a lifestyle brand and podcast, Live Through Love, that seeks to inspire others to see the world through the lens of love. He opens up about his transition from being a successful businessman to going bankrupt and rebuilding his credit, revealing how these experiences reshaped his perspective on money and success. 

Ruben shares some thought-provoking insights on prioritizing self-care, challenging our belief systems, and the importance of setting clear expectations in relationships. As someone who has experienced the pressures of people-pleasing and how it can affect personal relationships, Ruben encourages listeners to be a bit selfish when it comes to their own needs. This discussion also sheds light on the invaluable contributions of women in the world, emphasizing that they are the true superpower. 

Finally, Ruben and Amber touch upon parenting and the importance of not losing one’s identity when having kids. Ruben also shares about his journey of creating his podcast, Live Through Love, a platform for people to share their stories of choosing love in a world often filled with fear. Listen in to this episode filled with hope, inspiration, and transformation!

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Key Highlights

  • Trading Corporate America for Passion
  • Prioritizing Selfishness and Reflecting on Priorities
  • Exploring Attachment Styles and Relationship Expectations
  • Parenting and Living Through Love

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