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TWR 207: Fitness and Nutrition for Menopause with Barb Hawken

Are you tired of generic fitness advice that doesn’t cater to the specific needs of women in menopause? Join Amber as she sits down with Barb Hawken, a menopause fitness coach who’s dedicated her career to empowering menopausal women through specialized fitness and nutrition strategies. Barb shares her journey from being a fitness enthusiast at 16 to taking an eight-year break to homeschool her sons, and reclaiming her fitness passion at 47. She stresses the importance of consuming enough calories and why you should be eating at a maintenance level instead of slashing calories to a point that is unsustainable.

Barb shares her wisdom on the role of balanced hormones and insulin sensitivity in managing belly fat. Barb explains that your stubborn belly fat may actually be bloat, and which foods can help you beat the bloat. You will hear about the positive effects of compound exercises, and the benefits of post-meal walks. Barb encourages listeners to gain comprehensive knowledge about food and its impact on our bodies so you know exactly what to eat to feel good.

As Amber and Barb discuss the challenges of maintaining health and fitness while leading a busy life, Barb introduces her tailored fitness program, focusing on strength and mobility. She also touches on the difficulties of traveling while aging and the crucial role strength and health play in preserving mobility. Barb urges women over 50 to concentrate on gaining strength and mobility, assuring that weight loss will follow naturally. This episode is full of practical advice on how to maintain fitness and nutrition during menopause, so don’t miss out!

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Key Highlights

  • Menopause Fitness Tips & Tricks
  • Manage Belly Fat Through Diet
  • Low-Fodmap Diet and Individualized Nutrition
  • Health and Strength for Busy Women

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