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TWR 208: Essential Skincare Tips with CLEARSTEM Co-Founder Kayleigh Christina

Listen in as Amber chats with skincare enthusiast Kayleigh, who along with her partner Danielle, founded CLEARSTEM Skincare. Kayleigh shares her transformative journey of dealing with cystic acne and learning how to effectively care for her skin. She unravels the often overlooked root causes of acne, the significant role diet plays in our skin health, and the importance of using non-pore-clogging ingredients in skincare, makeup, and hair products. Hear how she completely cleared her skin in just two months, and how you can best care for your skin.

You will hear the truth about skin care ingredients and their potential to trigger acne and other skin issues. Kayleigh stresses the importance of scrutinizing the components of your skin care products. Surprisingly, seemingly harmless ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and algae may not be suitable for those prone to acne. She also explains harmful ingredients to watch out for like isopropyl, methylparaben, and other complex-sounding substances. Kayleigh also recommends non-pore-clogging makeup brands especially important for acne prone skin.

Kayleigh also highlights the surprising hidden acne triggers in our diets and supplements. Excess amounts of vitamin D, b12, zinc, and biotin can trigger testosterone production and hormonal acne. These can often be found in multivitamins, immune supplements, and energy drinks. Kayleigh also addresses food-related acne triggers such as dairy, whey protein, gluten, and eggs. Lastly, Kayleigh shares skincare routine tips, highlighting the right time to use exfoliating products and the importance of not combining them. Tune in and gain practical insights into maintaining clear and glowing skin.

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Key Highlights

  • Starting a Skincare Company and Addressing Acne
  • Skin Care Ingredients and Acne Triggers
  • Exfoliating and Skincare Routine Tips
  • Simplified Skincare Routine for All Ages

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