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TWR 209: The Healing Power of Your Intuition with Eboni Banks

Join Amber and intuitive healer Eboni Banks in this episode as they journey through the powerful connection between healing and intuition. Listen in as Eboni, a trauma survivor, shares her unique insights into tapping into our intuitive selves and utilizing this as a catalyst for healing. 

Eboni and Amber explore the significance of trust, self-love, and the power of the conscious and subconscious minds. They share their personal experiences, trials, and triumphs as they work on building a trusting relationship with themselves and making intuitive decisions. Eboni shares practical tips and strategies on how to access and receive your intuition, equating it to exercising a muscle that needs to be worked out and strengthened. 

This episode extends into spirituality and religion as Amber and Eboni discuss how religion, spirituality, and intuition can harmoniously coexist, and how an understanding of our divine nature can help us tap into our intuition. With Eboni’s invaluable input, this episode will guide you in understanding the difference between intuition and limiting beliefs, encouraging you to challenge negative self-talk and recognize quieter thoughts. Tune in to this enlightening journey towards personal transformation, growth, and healing.

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Key Highlights

  • Empowering Women’s Intuition and Healing
  • Exploring Trust, Healing, and Intuition
  • Understanding Intuition and Trusting Yourself
  • Exploring Intuition and Healing Practices
  • Intuition and Spirituality in Organized Religion

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