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TWR 212: A Guide to Slaying the Narcissist with Rebecca Zung

Ever been charmed, trapped, and manipulated by a narcissist? Ever felt like you’ve been pushed into the ‘hell club’? In this episode, Amber is taking a deep dive into the world of narcissism with globally recognized negotiation expert, Rebecca Zung. Drawing from her own experiences with a narcissistic business partner, Rebecca shares her journey of navigating this complex dynamic and the crucial insights that led to her latest book, “Slay the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win.” Rebecca explains her innovative Slay Method, designed to empower individuals dealing with narcissists.

Narcissists are often a product of childhood trauma and are likely to be aware of their damaging actions but lack self-awareness. This paradoxical behavior can be extremely overwhelming for empaths, those highly sensitive to the emotions of others, leading to an intense struggle to cope with such individuals. Rebecca helps us understand these intricate patterns of manipulation and the concept of the ‘hell club’, the experience of being charmed and manipulated by a narcissist, providing us with the tools to identify signs of narcissistic behavior and shield ourselves against them.

The journey towards disentangling oneself from a narcissist’s grip requires setting boundaries, maintaining evidence of conversations, and navigating the challenging terrain of negotiation. Rebecca guides you through the process, teaching you how to establish a vision for the desired outcome, anticipate the narcissist’s behavior, and focus on yourself. She also discusses the often overlooked covert narcissist and the art of gaslighting, offering practical advice on how to protect oneself from it. Whether you’ve dealt with a narcissist or wish to equip yourself with significant knowledge on the subject, this episode is a must-listen, offering invaluable insights into the world of narcissism and negotiation.

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Key Highlights

  • Negotiating with Narcissists
  • Narcissists’ Awareness and Childhood Trauma
  • Navigating Narcissistic Relationships
  • Understanding Covert Narcissism and Gaslighting

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