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TWR 217: Breaking Out of the Endless Clutter Cycle with Star Hansen

In today’s episode of the Wellness Revolution Podcast, we dive deep into the world of clutter – not just physical clutter, but emotional clutter as well. I’m joined by the incredible Star Hansen, a certified professional organizer and clutter whisperer. Star has a unique approach to clutter, viewing it not as just an obstacle, but as a tool that can reveal deep emotional insights and act as a catalyst for personal transformation. 

Are you ready to tackle the clutter in your life and transform your space into a sanctuary? You will get a look behind the scenes of Star’s bestselling book, “Why the F*#@ Am I Still Not Organized?” and learn how she has transformed lives by helping people take control of their stuff and create a life they’re ecstatic about. This conversation with Star isn’t just about sifting through piles of clothes or stacks of papers. It’s a deep-dive into the emotional effects of clutter. Star reveals the nine main reasons why people accumulate clutter – from reminders of the past to attempts at self-empowerment. 

Star’s personal story of overcoming her clutter, and her tips on starting small and going slow will resonate with anyone feeling overwhelmed. Plus, how our closets reflect our past, present and future and how setting intentions can ensure our space supports us. Star sheds light on the psychological motivations behind clutter. She emphasizes the importance of living in the present, honoring the phase of life we are in, and how organizing can help us do that. Ultimately, you’ll learn how organizing can lead to personal transformation, and Star shares her tips and resources to help you start living the life you want right now. Tune into this enlightening episode with Star Hansen, and embrace the art of living clutter-free.

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Key Highlights

  • Understanding the Purpose of Clutter

  • Tackling Clutter and Overwhelm

  • Organize Space, Embrace the Present

  • Understanding the Psychological Motivations Behind Clutter

  • Organizing for Personal Transformation

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