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TWR 219: Inner Transformation for Lasting Happiness with Rebecca Kordecki

Episode 219 of The Wellness Revolution Podcast is an enlightening conversation with Rebecca Kordecki, a celebrity fitness trainer turned life coach who has been instrumental in motivating and educating women. With her 28 years of wellness industry experience, Rebecca shares her journey and insights, shaping the lives of stars like The Rock Johnson, JLo, and Khloe Kardashian. 

The pivotal part of our discussion reveals the power of inner child work. Rebecca gets real and shares her personal journey, where she rediscovered her inner child guided by a life coach. You will learn about effective methods like anger work, writing self-forgiveness letters, and journaling, all of which can lead to incredible transformations. We talk about the importance of having a support system while embarking on this transformative journey. 

Rebecca explains how healing and self-discovery are intertwined with revisiting our inner child. We delve into how suppressed feelings can lead to negative behaviors and how embracing these emotions can lead to healing. Lastly, we talk about resilience and making choices that feed faith over fear. We discuss the importance of owning our lives, escaping ‘toxic positivity’, and how simple daily routines can have a major impact on our lives. Don’t miss out on these powerful insights. Tune in and let’s create a life you love!

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Key Highlights

  • Celebrity Fitness Trainer Turned Life Coach

  • Inner Transformation for Lasting Happiness

  • The Power of Inner Child Work

  • Exploring Healing and Self-Discovery

  • Choosing Your F Word

  • Success and Growth Rituals

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