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TWR 227: How to Break Up with Alcohol & Step Into Your Highest Potential with Amanda Kuda

Are you sober-curious, thinking of doing Dry January, or dreading the upcoming holiday hangovers? Join me in this Wellness Revolution Podcast as I welcome Amanda Kuda, a life coach for the sober/sober-curious, author, and speaker who helps high-achieving women renegotiate their mindset around drinking so they can start living the life they deserve. Today, we’re busting myths around alcohol, discussing the shocking benefits of going sober (even for just a few months), and giving you the simple steps you need to break up with alcohol.

Amanda recently published her new book, “Unbottled Potential: Break Up with Alcohol and Break Through to Your Best Life”, which is a life-changing guide for going alcohol-free and manifesting success in your life.

If alcohol isn’t adding anything to your life anymore, join the club! For many of us, alcohol only gives us horrible hangovers, brain fog, and countless other unseen harms to our body, mind, and soul’s potential. That’s why Alc and I are on a break right now…

Whether you want to take a break from alcohol or cut ties with it for good, Amanda has incredible tips, strategies, and words of encouragement for you to be successful.

Remember this piece of Amanda’s advice: The fastest way to scale the mountain and get to the other side is to get out of your own way!

Key Highlights:

  • Amanda’s sober journey + Gems from “Unbottled Potential”.

  • How alcohol affects the body, brain, and your health.

  • How alcohol impacts productivity, muscle recovery, mindfulness, and more.

  • Myths and misconceptions around quitting alcohol and “mindful drinking”.

  • The real reason most women drink & How this harms our subconscious.

  • Where to Start: Simple steps to changing your relationship with alcohol and stepping into your highest potential.

  • Changing your relationship with alcohol gets easier when you connect to your inner child.

  • Is it healthy to have alcohol in moderation?

  • Why I’m on a break from alcohol.

  • How to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure when breaking up with alcohol.

  • How long do I have to quit alcohol before I start seeing benefits/results?

  • Supplements to consider when going alcohol-free.

  • How Amanda combines psychology and spirituality to coach sober-curious women.

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