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TWR 229: Identifying Disordered Eating Habits & Revolutionizing Your Relationship with Food with Lydia Knight

Did you know that 75% of women have disordered eating habits, most without even knowing it? Could you be one of them? Join me in this Wellness Revolution Podcast with Lydia Knight, an internationally recognized eating disorder expert, certified health coach, and Founder and CEO of The She Center. Lydia is here to talk about the real impacts of disordered eating, the signs and causes of it, and how to start overcoming your disordered eating habits so you can reach optimal health. Plus, is it possible to achieve your weight loss goals even while struggling with disordered eating? Tune in to find out!

As the creator of The She Center, Lydia is revolutionizing our culture by empowering individuals to move from self-sabotage to self-fulfillment and contribute their highest gifts to humanity. 

Do you feel like the more you try to diet or control your eating, the worse your health gets and the less empowered you feel? Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve gone through it. Whether it’s physically or mentally, dieting and disordered eating can hold you back from embodying your highest, best self.

Listen in to get educated and inspired so you can begin revolutionizing your relationship with food!

Key Highlights:

  • What is disordered eating and how is it different from eating disorders?

  • The #1 cause of disordered eating.

  • Signs you may have disordered eating habits.

  • Why do so many women experience disordered eating?

  • Why is disordered eating more common in women than men?

  • How disordered eating could be impacting other areas of your life.

  • The power of finding your set point weight (and how to find it).

  • Can I still achieve my weight loss goals even though I struggle with disordered eating?

  • Lydia’s mission for The She Center + How they’re helping women heal their relationship with food.

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