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TWR 235: Keeping It Hot: How to Get What You Want From Intimacy & Relationships with Ashleigh Renard

How do you keep monogamy hot? How do you get exactly what you want during intimacy with your partner? Does sex actually get better when you talk about it? Tune in to this juicy episode of the Wellness Revolution Podcast as I welcome Ashleigh Renard, Author of “Swing” and Creator of Keeping It Hot, a viral video series and workbook designed to help couples reconnect through intentional intimacy. Ashleigh is here to divulge her favorite ways to spice up a relationship, overcome fears and blocks around intimacy, and rewrite your rules for sexual satisfaction.

Ashleigh teaches you how to get in touch with what you want out of intimacy and your relationship(s), then how to be unapologetic about getting it. She also reveals her sexy go-to methods for increasing physical touch, quality time, and “after-care” in your relationship.

Whether you’re married, divorced, or dating, Ashleigh has the eye-opening (and mouth-watering) tips you need to navigate sex and intimacy in new, transformative ways.

Buckle up, ladies! This one might make you slide off your seat…

Key Highlights:

  • Why Ashleigh turned to sex clubs to enhance her marriage.
  • Reasons why you’re not getting what you want in relationships and intimacy.
  • How to overcome fears/blocks around intimacy.
  • The power of unapologetically communicating your needs.
  • What finally led her to get a divorce.
  • A sneak peek into Ashleigh’s dating life after recently ending her marriage.
  • How your goals and potential are attached to your self-worth.
  • What is “after-care” and why is it so important after sex?
  • How to start talking about sex with your partner.
  • Will Ashleigh ever get married again?
  • What it’s like to have sex in front of other people & How to know if exhibitionism is for you.
  • The benefits of exploring both dominant and submissive roles in the bedroom.
  • What to do when your partner’s in the mood for sex but you’re not (and vice versa)
  • Ways to increase physical touch and quality time in your relationship.

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