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TWR 237: Dr. Lyndsey Harper Answers Sexual Health Questions Women Over 40 Are Too Nervous to Ask

Your sexual health is just as important as your mental health, nutrition, and even your workout routine. Yup, we’re going there today! In this episode of the Wellness Revolution Podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Lyndsey Harper, a Board Certified OBGYN, Associate Professor, and Founder/CEO of Rosy. Rosy is a revolutionary women’s health platform that connects women who have sexual health concerns with community, hope, and research-backed solutions.

Listen in as Dr. Harper answers the sexual health questions you’re too nervous to ask. She also shares her top tips for women over 40 who struggle with desire, arousal, sexual satisfaction, other sex-related issues.

Plus, she highlights shocking statistics that will make you want to hit the (erotica) books and do your part to close the orgasm gap. Tune in to learn more!

“Sexual health is an integral part of who we all are as humans, there’s no getting away from that, and it is related to every single aspect of our life… mental health, physical health, relational health, to our own sense of self-identity; there’s no part of our lives that sexuality doesn’t touch.” – Dr. Lyndsey Harper

Let’s come together to erase sexual shame and isolation so women everywhere, including you, can access the support and solutions we need and deserve! Remember, you are in charge of your sexual health and you are not alone on this journey!

Key Highlights:

  • The inspiration behind Rosy.
  • Most common (yet not talked about) sexual health issues in women over 40.
  • How sexual health relates to overall wellness.
  • Shocking statistics about orgasms, sex toys, frequency of sex, and women’s sexual satisfaction.
  • How hormone changes can affect sexual function and desire (+ solutions for low desire).
  • What it means to “close the orgasm gap”.
  • True or False: Does daily masturbation increase sexual desire and performance?
  • Body Image & Sex: Advice for women who feel too self-conscious to have sex.
  • Rosy Erotica: Evidence-based benefits of erotica for women.
  • Tips on how to start consuming erotica in a healthy, balanced way.

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