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TWR 238: How to Stay Calm, Confident, and Connected as a Parent with Andee Martineau

Feel like you’re failing as a parent? Feel like you’re constantly yelling at your kids and they’re not listening? Join the club! We have solutions! In this episode of the Wellness Revolution Podcast, I welcome Andee Martineau, a mom of 6, a reformed yeller, best-selling author, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting: a breakthrough parenting framework that leverages connection as the primary mechanism for influencing children.

Today, Andee walks me through science-backed strategies to solving real life parenting challenges I’ve experience as a mom – from struggling to get my kids to listen to feeling like I’m losing control. She teaches me how to reframe my approach to parenting, move past corrective parenting, and actually make parenting fun and connective again. Can I get an AMEN!

Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, listen in to learn how to prioritize connection over correction, help your child be a better listener, decrease your stress responses, and more!

 “Give yourself a break because there’s a lot of stuff we’ve been taught by society that doesn’t allow you to flip right into that connective place because we’re afraid that if we do, we’ll lose all control.” – Andee Martineau

Key Highlights:

  • How and why Andee became a Parenting Coach.
  • The biggest challenges of parenting toddlers to teenagers.
  • How to reframe issues showing up in your children.
  • How to apply the Connect Method of Parenting to your life (+ real examples).
  • 3 ways to connect with your kids instead of just correcting them.
  • How to decrease your fight or flight responses to your child’s behaviors.
  • Using the “STEAR” tool to reframe your child’s behaviors and change your reactions.
  • Why you can’t truly connect with your child if you’re upset with them.
  • Leveraging the benefits of consequences vs. connection.
  • How to improve your kid’s listening skills.

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