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TWR 239: Weight Loss, Strength Training, & Top Health Mistakes to Avoid in Your 40s+ with Phil Catudal

Tired of unsustainable weight loss tactics? Unsure if your current workout routine is suited to your body’s needs? Considering a personal trainer? Tune in to this episode of the Wellness Revolution Podcast as I welcome renowned Celebrity Trainer, Author, and Founder of Trained by Phil, Phil Catudal. Today, I’m getting his thoughts, advice, and opinions on weight loss, training in your 40s+, Ozempic, peri/menopausal health mistakes, and surviving cancer.

Is cardio really the best way to lose weight and get healthy? How often should women over 40 be strength training? Why do I keep hitting weight loss plateau? Tune in to get all the answers and expert advice from Phil!

Plus, Phil candidly shares how surviving cancer and losing his father to cancer shaped his entire life, but especially his fitness journey, something I (and many others) can certainly relate to.

 “My whole life was shaped by that cancer battle and just, fitness and health, no matter what I tried to do to get away from it, it just kept calling me back like, no no, you’ve lived what it’s like to feel death knocking on your door and lose someone. So, I just want to help people not have to face that, or if they face it, be as strong and positive as possible.” – Phil Catudal

Key Highlights:

  • How to prevent a plateau in weight loss.
  • What to do when metabolic adaptation to weight loss occurs.
  • How to keep losing weight without eating less.
  • The biggest health mistakes women are making in menopause and perimenopause.
  • Why Phil highly recommends weight lifting for women over 40.
  • The many benefits of having a personal trainer.
  • How to tell your workout plan is working for you (signs to look for each week).
  • Our honest thoughts on Ozempic and similar pharmaceuticals.
  • How surviving cancer shaped Phil’s life.

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