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TWR 243: A NEW Approach to Healing Psoriasis Naturally with Dayna Hrovath

Struggling with psoriasis? Is your current treatment not giving you the results you want? Perhaps it’s time to try a new approach… In this Wellness Revolution Podcast, I’m joined by Dayna Hrovath, a Dermatology Physician Assistant and Owner of Fountain Mills Functional Wellness, where she’s helping people with psoriasis improve itch, pain, and rash using a unique approach that few in the healthcare world have access to. Tune in as Dayna reveals her top tips and advice for healing psoriasis naturally (without harmful medications).

Psoriasis can be a super frustrating and even embarrassing condition to live with, especially because it’s so stigmatized and not talked about. Today, we’re breaking down these harmful stigmas and highlighting real solutions you can use to soothe your psoriasis, prevent flare-ups, and reconnect with your confidence.

 “Psoriasis not only is affecting peoples’ outward appearance, but it’s affecting their comfort, it’s affecting their health internally as well, it’s not just an outside condition.” – Dayna Hrovath

Ready to find out what you can do to improve your skin health instead of covering up the symptoms? Let’s get into it!

Key Highlights:

  • 3 mistakes you could be making if your current psoriasis treatment isn’t working.
  • Why psoriasis isn’t just a skin condition (it’s an autoimmune condition).
  • Top 3 triggers of psoriasis.
  • The different types of psoriasis & how they present.
  • Internal issues that people with psoriasis can develop.
  • Tips for treating psoriasis naturally.
  • The roles of stress, mindset, toxins, and gut health in healing psoriasis.
  • How does smoking affect people with psoriasis?
  • Are there supplements that can improve psoriasis?
  • Tips and guidelines for exercising with psoriasis.
  • How to make your household skin safe and free of toxins.

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