The Wellness Revolution Podcast with Amber Shaw

TWR 246: Relationships, Rewiring the Brain, & Reconnecting to Your Greatness

Are certain people holding you back from living a healthy life? Are your beliefs or self-talk limiting you from feeling empowered to reach your goals? Tune in to this Wellness Revolution Podcast as I talk about the key role relationships play in your health and wellness journey. Plus, I break down my approach to rewiring the brain and reconnecting to your inner greatness, so you can live life to the fullest.

You’ll gain insight into my journey of doing the “inner work” that’s needed to live a healthy, vibrant life. I share the simple techniques I’ve used to reconnect with my intuition, rewrite negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, and create room for growth in my life.

For many of us, one area of life that really impacts our ability to create change is our relationships. The people we surround ourselves with play key roles in our health and wellness and if you have a relationship that’s not serving you, it will hold you back.

But have no fear! We all have the ability to reprogram our minds, re-evaluate our relationships, and transform our lives. It’s not easy, but you can make it happen. Trust me!

Are you ready to open yourself up to the endless possibilities in your life? Tune in, get connected, and let your inner greatness shine!

Key Highlights:

  • How do you rewire your brain?
  • 2 things that help you shift out of negative self-talk and other limiting thoughts/behaviors.
  • The best way to connect to your intuition and higher power (and why that’s so important for busy women/moms).
  • What happened when I started doing daily check-ins with myself.
  • Are the people in your life serving your growth and expansion?
  • My divorce: The most traumatic, yet life-changing experience of my life.
  • How to know a friendship or relationship needs to end.

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About Amber Shaw:

Amber is a Mind and Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, motivational speaker, and NBC Health and Wellness Coach. Having built a lifestyle that allowed her to embrace work, children, exercise, and well-balanced eating habits, Amber now works helping and coaching women to achieve the same level of serenity and empowerment through a sustainable way of living.

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