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TWR 247: Coping Strategies for Navigating Grief and Loss & Finding Peace Again with Audrey White

If you’re experiencing grief or loss of any kind, listen up. We’re here for you. In this Wellness Revolution Podcast, you’ll meet Audrey White, CEO and Master Trainer at Grief Coach Academy and co-author of the new book, “Grief Coaching: Paving a Path from Pain to Peace”. Today, as Audrey shares her uniquely powerful experience with grief and loss, she offers her best tips, tools, and strategies for navigating grief and loss of any kind.

Whether it’s the death of a loved one (or stranger), loss of a job, loss of a dream, loss of a friendship… there’s no comparison in grief and loss. Loss is loss and grief is grief. We all experience the intensity of both and it’s important to learn how to move through it and find joy and peace again.

“Death is just birth… and as women, we know how to give birth.” – Audrey White

It’s easy to isolate yourself when you’re grieving, but remember, you can find great strength and healing in your community during these difficult times. You shouldn’t have to grieve alone. Also remember that grief is a process. You won’t be fully healed after this episode, after a month of using coping strategies, or even after a year. Navigating grief is a non-linear, ever-changing journey, but with time and practice, you will feel better!

Key Highlights:

  • Audrey’s experience with expected and unexpected loss in her family.
  • The profound cycle of death and rebirth.
  • What Audrey gained from training to be a grief coach.
  • Navigating the loss of a parent (and how life-changing it is).
  • The difference in grief coping strategies for unexpected death vs. expected death.
  • How to use The PEACE Method to understand and process your grief and loss.
  • Understanding the relationship between anger and grief.
  • Tips & Tools: How to change your mindset around grief and loss.
  • Religion & Grief/Loss: How faith in a higher power impacts the grieving process.
  • Communication in Crisis: How to talk to someone who’s grieving or experiencing trauma.

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