The Wellness Revolution Podcast with Amber Shaw

TWR 248: Quick & Simple Ways to Release Anxiety & Calm Your Nervous System

Something that plagues us as women is the struggle to manage and overcome anxiety. In this Wellness Revolution Podcast, I candidly share my personal experience with anxiety and break down my favorite tips and tools for calming the nervous system and releasing anxious feelings. If your nervous system needs a reset and your anxiety needs some TLC, tune in, you’re in the right place!

I know what it’s like to struggle for YEARS with stress and anxiety. It took me to low places, as you may be able to relate. Thankfully, I no longer need to be on medication because I’ve learned some pretty amazing tools and techniques for managing my anxiety. Now, that doesn’t mean I never struggle with anxiety anymore… I still experience it for various reasons, but I’m tuned in to what’s triggering it and how I can move through.

I hope these quick and simple tips will help you better manage your anxiety so you can shine the way you’re meant to!

Remember, this is exactly where you need to be and you are not alone!

Key Highlights:

  • My personal experience with anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and being on medication.
  • Where anxiety comes from and what it really is.
  • The fastest way to calm your nervous system and release feelings of anxiousness.
  • What to do when you start feeling anxious.
  • A helpful breathing technique for decreasing anxiety (you can do this anywhere, anytime).
  • How alcohol affects stress, anxiety, sleep quality, and cortisol levels.

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About Amber Shaw:

Amber is a Mind and Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, motivational speaker, and NBC Health and Wellness Coach. Having built a lifestyle that allowed her to embrace work, children, exercise, and wellbalanced eating habits, Amber now works helping and coaching women to achieve the same level of serenity and empowerment through a sustainable way of living.

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