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TWR 249: The Best Wearable Medical Alert Device on the Market with Richard Hirsch

As your loved ones get older, you worry about their safety, right? Falling is so common (and so scary), yet many seniors refuse to wear an alert device. That is until the Kanega Watch was invented! In this Wellness Revolution Podcast, I’m joined by Richard Hirsch, CMO of UnaliWear, the creators of the most innovative medical alert system on the market. Listen in to learn all about this life-changing device, the Kanega Watch, and get all the information you need to make a well-informed decision when the time comes.

What I love about the Kanega Watch is that its design is discreet, non-stigmatizing, and actually stylish, unlike other medical alert devices. It’s also the only medical alert watch that you can wear 24/7 AND has the highest-rated fall detection in the industry. It’s also voice activated, making it even more accessible for your aging loved ones.

With a 94-year-old mother living fiercely independently, Richard knows first-hand the power of medical alert devices. These wearables are empowering thousands of people to extend their independence, live in their own homes, prevent hospital visits, and age in place longer.

Tune in to learn more!

“Only about 7% of people that are 65 or 70 or older have one of these medical alert devices, yet Forbes did a research study where they talked to 2,000 people that had one of these devices last year – 87% of them said that the device had either saved them in an emergency or had prevented an event from escalating to an emergency that would’ve caused them significant harm.” – Richard Hirsch

Key Highlights:

  • What to look for in a medical alert device for seniors.
  • The benefits of wearing the Kanega Watch compared to Life Alert or Apple Watch.
  • The evolution of the medical alert industry & How UnaliWear is different.
  • Is it better to wear a medical alert device on your wrist or around your neck?
  • The biggest secret in the medical alert system industry.
  • How does fall detection work?
  • Why fall detection technologies aren’t created equally.
  • Why seniors shouldn’t use an Apple Watch as a medical alert device.
  • Game-Changing Features: You can charge the Kanega Watch without taking it off!

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