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TWR 253: How to Practice Embodiment & Transform Your Life Through Mind-Body-Soul Connection with Alexis Artin

Join me for a powerful conversation with Alexis Artin, Master Embodiment Teacher, Licensed Growth Coach, and Co-Founder of Soulsway Practice. Listen as Alexis shines light on her personal development journey and the practices that empower her to create beautiful change in her life, even through a battle with cancer.

You’ll learn exactly what it means to “practice embodiment” and how embodiment practices can lead to true empowerment and change.

But let’s get one thing straight, this concept is more than movement and mindfulness… it’s a new way to fuel the mind-body-soul connection. Alexis believes that embodiment needs to be a part of everyone’s daily life if you want a truly fulfilling life.

 “Our body is a gift to our soul so we can have an embodied experience in this life and our body is our soul’s #1 feedback system.” – Alexis Artin

Key Highlights:

  • How a pole dancing class empowered Alexis and fueled her mind-body connection.
  • Why is movement important for the mind-body-soul connection?
  • How movement empowers your intuition, sensuality, confidence, and resilience.
  • The Soulsway Practice: A new movement-based embodiment practice.
  • A powerful way to feel safer in your body (even if you hate your body).
  • How a strong mind-body-soul connection leads to transformation.
  • A sneak peek into Alexis’ new podcast, Look At Me Now.

“We’re always getting feedback. It’s just, are we listening to it?” – Alexis Artin

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