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TWR 255: How to Start Healing Your Relationship With Money & Achieve Financial Wellness with Wendy Wright

Each person needs a holistic approach to health and wellness… and whether you like it or not, a holistic approach MUST include financial wellness! Join me as I welcome the one and only Wendy Wright, a leading Financial Therapist, Money Coach, Author, and Founder/CEO of Financial Therapy Solutions. Wendy is also an Eating Disorder Specialist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Put it all together and you have a true changemaker!

Wendy is here to uncover the truths (and lies) behind your money mindset, help you navigate the complexities of financial wellness, and achieve a harmonious relationship with money.

In this episode, we dive into the emotional aspects of financial decision-making, actionable tips and exercises from her financial therapy practice, and how to find healing through the money-food connection. Above all, you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of why food issues aren’t about food and money issues aren’t about money.

Plus, I share a few of my own financial realizations (especially in marriage) and how I’ve started to heal my rocky relationship with money.

Tune in and let this powerful episode guide you from money chaos to money clarity and confidence!

 “People who struggle [with money or food] often are very smart and this is why… there’s really not someone who’s “bad” with money. Maybe there are some things to learn, but you can learn it… It’s not intellect-based, even though it may feel that way.” – Wendy Wright

Have questions for Wendy about teaching your kids about money? Email them to and we’ll answer them in a future episode!

Key Highlights:

  • What is a money mindset?
  • How are money and weight loss connected?
  • Money Mindset Red Flags: Signs you have an unhealthy/imbalanced relationship with money.
  • How money-related shame is holding you back from optimal health and wellness.
  • Helpful insights from Wendy’s 10 Principles of Financial Therapy.
  • The 1st therapeutic exercise Wendy does with her financial therapy clients.
  • Tips for managing your spending without falling into the scarcity mindset.
  • The truth behind “retail therapy” & How to take the shame/judgement out of it.
  • Healing Through the Money-Food Connection: Adopting an attitude of learning over perfection (compassion over shame).
  • Wendy’s #1 piece of advice for teaching your kids about money.

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