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TWR 259: Personalized Health Testing: The Key to Healing Chronic Illness & Optimizing Health with Dr. Patti Devers & Dr. Michael Chapman

The only way to know what’s happening in your body is to test it. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to improving your health and wellness, listen up! I have an exciting solution to share that’s not only accessible from the comfort of your home, but truly life-changing (and vetted by me).

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, I’m joined by Patti Devers, DO, the Chief Clinical Officer at Genova Diagnostics, along with Michael Chapman, ND, Genova’s Director of Product Innovation. Genova Diagnostics is a specialty lab testing company that, for the last 40 years, has been bringing innovative health testing to the masses. They offer a wide array of non-invasive tests and provide in-depth expert recommendations, support, and educational resources so you can learn more about your unique body. They can even find the root cause of your chronic condition(s). Like I said… life-changing!

Today, we’re doing a deep dive into the two tests I had done with Genova Diagnostics and what I learned from them (spoiler: I was blown away by the process and results!).

These tests were created for people who want to take a more personalized approach to understanding and improving their health and wellness. If that sounds like you, don’t miss this episode!

“We don’t just stop with understanding or diagnosing a chronic disease. If you have IBS, we don’t stop there. We really want to tease apart all those details to determine why does somebody have IBS? What form of IBS is there? That’s where we exist in the integrative medicine space.” – Dr. Michael Chapman

Key Highlights:

  • What is the Genova Diagnostics process like?
  • What types of specialty tests do they offer?
  • My personal experience getting tested + My results.
  • About Genova’s GI Effects Test & Comprehensive Nutritional Test.
  • Highly recommended health tests for women over 40.
  • What happens after you receive your test results.
  • How do you find the root cause of a chronic condition?
  • Cost/Accessibility: How much does it cost to get testing done?

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