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TWR 263: How to Prep Your Teens to Succeed on the SATs & ACTs with Shahar Link

Living your best life isn’t just about optimizing your health and wellness, it’s about making sure your children are living their best lives, too… and that includes their success in school. If you have kids in your life, especially teenagers, listen up! This episode is for you.

Join me as I talk with Shahar Link, Founder and CEO of Mindspire Tutoring and Test Prep, about the best ways we can prepare our high schoolers for SAT and ACT testing. Shahar answers all my burning questions and tells us everything we need to know about the current state of SAT/ACT testing in 2024.

Did you know SAT testing is only done online now? I sure didn’t! On top of that, average SAT scores have gone up nearly 200 points, making it much more competitive for students wanting to go to college (especially Ivy League schools).

After this conversation with Shahar, it’s clear to me that standardized testing and college acceptance has a whole new landscape these days. So, let’s learn how to help our teens succeed on standardized tests and set them up for the brightest future possible! Tune in!

“Submitting a test score makes a big, big difference, even for test-optional schools.”
– Shahar Link

Key Highlights:

  • At what age do parents need to think about preparing their kids for SATs and ACTs?
  • Information you should know about SAT and ACT testing in 2024.
  • 5 major struggles students need to conquer to master standardized tests.
  • The best ways to prep your teenagers for SATs and ACTs.
  • Should my child take both the SAT and ACT or just one?
  • Statistics showing the effectiveness of SAT/ACT tutoring.
  • Do schools facilitate PSATs or do parents need to?
  • What you can expect from Mindspire Tutoring and Test Prep, if you hire them.
  • What is considered a high GPA these days?
  • What is an acceptable SAT score in 2024?

“Online tutoring is extremely effective, especially the older the student gets.” – Shahar Link

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