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TWR 265: Boric Acid: The Key to Healing Yeast Infections, Feminine Odor, Menopausal Symptoms & MORE with Deeannah Seymour

It’s time for another honest conversation about vaginal health! Today, we’re diving into a science-backed, ancestor-approved, holistic method women can utilize to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Join me as I chat with Deeannah Seymour, Founder and CEO of pH-D® Feminine Health, which in 2014, introduced the #1 doctor-recommended boric acid vaginal suppository to the feminine health market. They’re also the ONLY certified female-owned company selling these products, so you know they have our best interests at heart.

Did you know boric acid has been used in feminine care for over 100 years? From healing chronic yeast infections to preventing feminine odor and dryness, boric acid is a game-changer for people with vaginas! This episode will answer all your questions about boric acid and leave you feeling empowered to level-up your feminine health.

“If there’s an issue with our vaginal health, it affects every aspect of our life.”
– Deeannah Seymour

Deeannah is such an inspiration for what we can achieve and how we can thrive after age 40, so tune in to learn more!

Key Highlights:

  • Deeannah’s inspirational journey to becoming a feminine health entrepreneur.
  • The #1 thing preventing women from starting a business or pivoting in life.
  • The science-backed benefits of boric acid for women.
  • Changes that happen to your vagina during menopause.
  • How to use boric acid to heal chronic yeast infections, vaginal dryness, and more.
  • Our personal experiences and results using boric acid suppositories.
  • NEW pH-D® Feminine Health products they’re launching.

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