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TWR 268: Dennis Vetrano on Repairing Relationship Dynamics, Navigating Your Fear of Divorce, & Preparing for a Divorce

When I got divorced, I wish I had the advice and resources that I’m about to share with you today. In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, I’m joined by Dennis Vetrano, a distinguished divorce and family law attorney who’s also making waves on social media with his perceptive content on relationships, marriage, and divorce.

Dennis is here to give you practical tips and advice for those of you who are thinking of getting a divorce or currently going through the divorce process. He also describes some of the trends he’s seeing in his divorce clients, revealing the what’s really going on inside the minds of couples on the edge of divorce. I’ll give you a spoiler… many divorces nowadays have a lot to do with women carrying more than their fair share in relationships. Relatable, much?

Even if you’re not going through a divorce, this episode is full of insights that will help you strengthen your relationship in so many ways!

Divorce isn’t an easy thing to talk about (or even think about), so props to you for being here and doing the damn thing. Our hope is that this podcast leaves you feeling validated, empowered, and not alone.

“You’re the star… This whole time you’ve been the star and everybody else is telling you you’re not, but you are. You have been. You will be. Believe in who you are and your worth and your value.” – Dennis Vetrano

Key Highlights:

  • The difficult reality of balancing responsibilities in marriage.
  • The male’s perspective of divorce, according to Dennis.
  • Advice on shifting the dynamic/roles of your relationship.
  • Tips for improving your communication with your spouse/partner.
  • Why most second marriages fail.
  • How to overcome your fear of divorce (if you’re considering getting one).
  • What to expect in an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer + How to prepare for it.
  • When you should start talking to a divorce lawyer.
  • How to set yourself up for a better relationship after divorce.
  • The life-changing power of asking for help.
  • Why it’s not sustainable to be a supermom.
  • Are men becoming more narcissistic or is that term being overused?

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