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TWR 269: The Simplest, Most Effortless Ways to Live a Better Life & Make a Positive Impact in the World with Dr. Harry Cohen

In a world that’s filled with so much stress and negativity, how do we make the most out of our time on Earth? How can we make our lives better, while bettering the lives of those around us in the quickest, most effortless ways possible? The answers lie here in this special episode.

Today on The Wellness Revolution, I’m joined by one of the brightest, warmest people I’ve ever met, Dr. Harry Cohen Ph.D. Harry is a Psychologist, Executive Coach, Restaurateur, and Author of Be The Sun, Not The Salt, a non-traditional self-help guide to finding your best self, uplifting others, and behaving in a manner that draws others toward you and makes you happier and more effective.

Our discussion is all about the easiest ways we can live a better life and help others do the same. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to have your heart cracked wide open, because mine sure was!

“You don’t have to make it hard. We can do this and that’s what I want other people to get. Just today, take a breath, look around, look at how beautiful it is, count your blessings, do something good for somebody.” – Dr. Harry Cohen

Remember to give yourself some credit, mama. Right now, you’re taking the most important steps you need to live your best life and shine your light on the world. Keep it up!

Key Highlights:

  • Why does it feel so hard to do good deeds for myself/others?
  • The easiest way to start “winning the day”.
  • Simple habits that keep a score in your life.
  • What inspired Harry to write The Sun, Not The Salt.
  • What is the Heliotropic Effect and how can it help me live a better life?
  • My 2 favorite questions to ask myself at the end of each day.
  • Why you should “smile and move on” more.
  • What to do if you’re harboring negative feelings or resentment towards somebody/something.

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