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TWR 271: How to Live a Pain-Free Life (You Need to STOP Stretching) with Yogi Aaron

Do you want to know the secret to staying young and pain-free into your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond? The secret is in how you activate and engage your muscles. Intrigued yet?

Join me in this episode of The Wellness Revolution as I welcome Yogi Aaron, a Master Yoga Teacher and Muscle Specialist who’s sharing a revolutionary approach to eliminating pain in the body and reducing your risk of injury. This unique approach ditches prescribed stretches while igniting alignment, stability, power, and purpose through muscle activation.

This conversation is absolutely fascinating, eye-opening, and might upset a few yogis out there, but it’s essential knowledge you need. Aaron reveals the harmful effects of stretching and why you need to focus on activating and engaging your muscles rather than stretching them.

My biggest takeaway from this episode: Stretching is not getting to the root cause of my pain and it won’t help reduce it either! Pain reduction requires a totally different approach.

“What we need to be doing is addressing the muscle tightness and that muscle tightness is a protective mechanism. If you’ve got tightness in your lower back, then that is a signal to you that something is not working properly in your body.” – Yogi Aaron

Aaron’s online platform, The Yogi Club, is making living a pain-free life accessible to all with a vast on-demand library of classes and courses. So, join us to learn something new and let your journey to a pain-free life start NOW.

Key Highlights:

  • From Evangelical to Spiritual: How Yogi Aaron tapped into his purpose through yoga.
  • Aaron’s experience healing his chronic pain.
  • How do muscles work?
  • How is stretching harmful to the body?
  • The major benefits of yoga (when done correctly).
  • The #1 yoga pose you should AVOID.
  • The BEST yoga pose you can do to strengthen your back and reduce pain.
  • Why you should stop stretching and start Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle ActivationTM (AYAMA).
  • Tips for adapting your yoga practice to optimize muscle function and reduce pain.
  • How does Muscle Activation differ from modern and traditional yoga?
  • How to achieve the same “release” you feel in yoga through AYAMA.

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