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TWR 272: Exploring Spirituality: Gentle & Practical Ways to Incorporate Spirituality Into Your Life with Judy Greenfeld

Is your intuition telling you there’s a higher power out there? Are you craving more connection, purpose, and clarity in your life? It may be time to dive deeper into an important area of your holistic health, your spirituality.

Join me in this episode of The Wellness Revolution as I chat with the lovely Judy Greenfeld, the concierge Rabbi/Cantor (dubbed ‘The Relationship Rabbi’) and published author who’s making spirituality relevant in the daily lives of mission-driven millennials.

Judy and I talk about the gentle and practical ways you can (re)discover and connect with your spirituality and incorporate it into your daily life. Judy shares a bit about her journey from professional dancer to becoming The Relationship Rabbi, shining light on how you can make peace with life starting right here, right now.

This is a deeply powerful and open-hearted conversation about the benefits of exploring spirituality and how to do it in simple ways that suit your unique life. It’s about breaking down big spiritual concepts and making them a part of your everyday world.

“It’s that three bears idea. It’s too hot, too cold, just right. That’s our spiritual path is really to find out what’s enough, what’s just right.” – Judy Greenfeld

As Judy says, “God” is an artist, so find your artistry! When I rediscovered my spirituality, my whole world changed. Growing my relationship with God has allowed me to go inward and heal my relationship with myself, with others, and genuinely live my best life.

Ready to dive in?

Key Highlights:

  • Why Judy rejected Judaism for so long and how it became her life’s work.
  • What is non-denominational Judaism?
  • How to make peace with yourself and your life (in small steps).
  • Practical ways to incorporate spirituality into your life (with or without kids).
  • What Judy learned from ending her 30-year marriage.
  • How to meditate when your mind/thoughts are racing.
  • Recognizing how your ego is impacting your outlook on life.
  • The life-changing event that catapulted my spiritual journey.
  • How to receive love more easily.
  • The beauty of exploring spirituality with a partner.
  • About Judy’s classes and concierge services: Are they right for you?

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