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TWR 275: Simplifying the Trauma Healing Process: How Breathwork Can Help You Heal Your Wounds with Stefanos Sifandos

Healing trauma and childhood wounds doesn’t have to be a complicated process filled with pain and negativity. There are ways you can heal your wounds while also feeling strong, empowered, and filled with love and connection.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, you’ll learn these methods from Stefanos Sifandos, a trained educator and relationship expert with an extensive background in behavioral science. Stefanos helps men and women heal unresolved trauma and childhood wounds, escape negative patterns, and cultivate a positive sense of self. He helps people restructure and re-frame their relationships with themselves and their loved ones, leading them closer to each other and to their highest potential.

Today, Stefanos and I are talking about how to use breathwork to heal your trauma and connect with your sense of self. We touch on concepts like self-worth, love and trust, parent/child relationships, self-acceptance, the science behind breathwork, connecting to your inner child, and more.

This is an incredibly moving discussion that highlights the immense value of doing the inner work, no matter how difficult and daunting it seems.

Let this be your reminder that you can do (and heal) anything you put your mind to, mama. ❤

“Do not compare your trauma because trauma is less about the experience itself (of course that matters) and it’s more about the way our constitution, our nervous system, our psychology, our predisposition, our personality, everything that is us interprets that experience and the intensity of that experience.” – Stefanos Sifandos

Key Highlights:

  • Stefanos’ childhood wounds & How they impacted his adulthood
  • Why women struggle to say no
  • How to start recognizing and healing patterns of behavior related to trauma
  • Common signs of childhood trauma and unhealed wounds
  • The do’s and don’ts of healing trauma (based on behavioral science)
  • What is “breathwork for the feminine”?
  • What happens to your body during breathwork & Why breathwork is such a powerful healing modality
  • The importance of closing the trauma loop physiologically before going to talk therapy
  • Helpful ways to connect to your inner child
  • Why you don’t need to relive your trauma to heal it

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