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TWR 282: How to Defeat Cravings & Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Every time you deny a craving, you’re feeding a future binge moment. Let that sink in, then tune in to learn how to defeat cravings so you can achieve the sustainable weight loss you’re striving for.

In today’s Wellness Revolution episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Glenn Livingston, a veteran psychologist who’s here to teach us how to defeat cravings with an alternative approach he calls “the backdoor to weight loss”. Intriguing, right?

After struggling for years with overeating and obesity, Dr. Livingston spent decades researching the nature of binging and overeating via work with his own patients and a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. Eventually, he and his patients were able to break out of food prison, reach a healthy weight, and develop a much more lighthearted relationship with food.

If you’re struggling to avoid your cravings, eat in a balanced way, and achieve a healthy weight, this episode is for YOU!

 “Mindful eating is a big part of recovery. However, when there are chemicals in the packaging for some of these foods that interfere with your ability to know when you’re hungry and full… we need some additional tools to make it work.” – Dr. Glenn Livingston

Key Highlights:

  • Why people have cravings, overeat, stress eat, and binge eat
  • The psychology behind sustainable weight loss, restrictive diets, and cravings
  • Glenn’s rules-based approach to overcoming cravings
  • What happens to your body when you overeat sugar every day
  • Tips for preventing binge eating/overindulging on the weekends

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