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TWR 283: Liberating Yourself After Divorce: The Feelings Around Divorce No One Talks About with Dr. Karin Luise

If you’re going through something intense right now, you’re not alone. Our society is going through a major shift right now and it’s up to each of us to lean into the transformation that’s knocking at our door.

Today on The Wellness Revolution, I’m joined by the wonderful Dr. Karin Luise, a Transformational Therapist, Divorce & Trauma Expert, and Award-Winning Author who has a powerful message to share with you.

After two divorces, three children, and one PhD, Dr. Karin experienced a spiritual awakening that transformed her life from miserable to magical. She learned how to heal her mind, heart, and soul and expand her life with wild freedom and real happiness. Now, she’s helping others do the same.

This is one of the most raw, honest, soul-bearing conversations we’ve ever had on the podcast. Dr. Karin and I dive deep into the emotional impacts of divorce that no one talks about so we can normalize them and heal collectively. While sharing our truths, we discuss ways to process your emotions and thrive after divorce (or any difficult/traumatic experience).

“Many people need to hear this: If something is coming up with your family, with your partner, with your children, it is because it is ready to be seen and ready to be healed and it’s ready to be transformed.” – Dr. Karin Luise

Remember ladies, your intuition is your super power. You’ll know in your spirit if something isn’t aligned with you… you just have to tap in and listen.

Key Highlights:

  • The collective shift our society is going through & How it’s influencing us
  • Our raw, honest feelings about divorce
  • How Dr. Karin’s divorces fueled a spiritual awakening
  • The biggest sign your relationship is out of alignment
  • How do you tap into your intuition and follow your inner voice?
  • Limiting beliefs you need to let go of to have vulnerable conversations
  • How to know you’re falling into the victim mentality & How to regain control of your life
  • The 1st step to processing intense emotions or a difficult experience
  • The key to getting what you want in life
  • How to recover from break ups or divorce and walk away stronger and more empowered

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