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TWR 285: How to Overcome Hustle Culture, Find Inner Rest, & Still Feel Successful with Caleb Campbell

Do you feel like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of hustle culture, unable to find inner rest as a high achiever or hard-working mom? Today’s special guest has the insights you need to find rest, balance, and success without burning out.

Tune in to this episode of The Wellness Revolution to hear from Caleb Campbell. Once known as “America’s Athlete”, Caleb is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who became the second player in the history of West Point to ever be selected in the NFL draft and the first player, under a new policy implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD), to be given permission to play and serve simultaneously.

Caleb’s dream came to a halt when the DOD rescinded that policy hours before signing his first NFL contract – launching him into his own internal war that would almost cost him his life. While serving his country, Caleb kept his NFL dream alive and eventually found himself playing in the NFL – proving how facing our fears, committing to mental and emotional health and staying authentic will make us stronger — even in our weakest moments.

Join us for a deep discussion about what it looks like to find inner rest, expand your capacity for life, and overcome hustle culture and still be successful.

“It’s like a dance that never ends and it’s a dance that we never necessarily master. It’s not about mastering it, it’s about learning how to respond to the moments when you are dancing out of sync with more compassion, more gentleness, with more love, so that you can pull yourself back into the divine dance that’s happening all around us.” – Caleb Campbell

As Caleb says, doing more isn’t always the answer. Listen in to learn more!

Key Highlights:

  • How to shift from survival mode to fully participating in life
  • The critical difference between healthy and unhealthy self-criticism
  • What it looks like to find inner rest as a high achiever
  • The key to overcoming hustle culture and still find success
  • What to do when you hit your goals and you still don’t feel it’s enough
  • How to expand your capacity for life without burning out
  • What it means to grow your business and reach your goals from a place of rest
  • The moment I realized I needed a divorce

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