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TWR 287: Chris Rackliff: Beyond Talk Therapy + Holistic Approaches to Healing Anxious Attachment

In today’s episode, I talk with Chris Rackliffe, an expert on attachment theory and healing from anxious attachment. Chris shares his own powerful story of overcoming trauma and learning to regulate his nervous system through practices like cold therapy and emotional diversification.

We discuss that anxious attachment requires more than just cognitive approaches like talk therapy. To truly heal, you must learn to regulate your nervous system and build tolerance for stress. This involves taking care of your foundational needs, like sleep, nutrition, and hydration, as well as practicing techniques like cold exposure and breathwork. 

Chris Rackliffe is a trauma healer, mental health advocate, anxious attachment style coach, and author of the self-help book, It’s Good to See Me Again: How to Find Your Way When You Feel Lost—an illuminating guidebook on the journey to find emotional healing.


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What We Discuss: 

03:02 Understanding Attachment Styles

08:14 Healing Journey and Self-Discovery

13:26 Recognizing Anxious Attachment

22:39 Practical Tips for Self-Care

26:23 Building Tolerance with Cold Therapy

29:09 Managing Physical Sensations and Cold Therapy

31:11 Emotional Diversification and Independence in Relationships

34:49 Signs of Codependency and Self-Abandonment

43:23 The Impact on Children and Modeling Healthy Behavior

50:37 Book and Resources for Healing and Coaching