The Wellness Revolution Podcast with Amber Shaw

TWR 291: Chris Mirabile: How to Age Younger: The Effects of Alcohol, Supplements for Longevity + More

Have you ever wondered if it’s truly possible to slow down the aging process and extend your health span? 


In this episode of The Wellness Revolution podcast, I am joined by Chris Mirabile, founder of NOVOS, to discuss the fascinating world of longevity science.


Together we discuss the number one risk factor for chronic diseases, and why we should be targeting the biological root causes of aging. Our conversation shares insights about the differences between anti-aging and longevity, the role of epigenetics in aging, and how lifestyle factors and targeted supplementation can make a significant impact on biological age.


Chris Mirabile is the Founder & CEO of NOVOS, the first human longevity company to simultaneously address the 12 Mechanisms of Aging through its scientifically validated, patent-pending, over-the-counter formulations; best-in-class biological age tests; and free digital tools.


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What We Discuss:

03:16 Understanding Biological Age and Epigenetic Testing

08:14 Exploring the Metrics of Epigenetic Clocks

13:53 Alcohol and Longevity

21:57 Supplementation for Overachievers and Assessing Individual Needs

24:05 General Health Supplements and Specialty Supplements

27:00 Choosing a High-Quality Multivitamin to Fill Nutrient Inadequacies

29:10 NOVOS Core: Addressing the 12 Biological Root Causes of Aging

34:40 Affordability and Quality of NOVOS Supplements

37:59 Free Tools for Assessing Facial Aging and Skin Health

45:21 Providing Scientific Truth and Promoting Healthy Living

Key Takeaways:

  • Epigenetic testing can be used to measure biological age and determine an individual’s pace of aging.

  • Lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and social connections, play a significant role in aging.

  • Supplementation can support longevity, but it is important to focus on general health supplements and consider individual needs and deficiencies. Supplements can help fill nutrient inadequacies, even with a healthy diet.

  • NOVOS focuses on longevity supplements backed by scientific research and the expertise of renowned longevity scientists.

  • NOVOS Core is their flagship product, addressing the 12 biological root causes of aging with over 400 scientific studies supporting its formulation.