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The Wellness Revolution

An On-Going Mindset and Practice Ground for Keeping You On Track with Your Weight Loss Goals!

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Have you tried every diet on the planet but nothing seems to work?

Are you sick and tired of calorie counting, macro counting, and weighing your food with little or no results?

Are you tired of taking advice from 20-somethings that don't understand our changing bodies over 40?

Are you ready stop the dieting for good - and feel confident & sexy in your body?

And finally, are sick of starting programs that promise to support you but then leave you in the dust?

I want to tell you that losing weight doesn't have to be so complicated and you don't have to do it alone.  

The Wellness Revolution 


I created The Wellness Revolution as the next phase of helping women get OFF the crazy train of deprivation dieting once and for all.  

The truth is that the foundation of sustainable weight loss is composed of simple dial movers that make a BIG difference when it comes to your fitness and nutrition.

But at the end of the day - if you don't have the support, accountability and education that you need ongoing, it can be in one ear and out the other.

This is why I created this membership.  I wanted to create a support system to keep you accountable through your transformation - because we all know making change is hard and can feel impossible on our own.


Two ways to join the Revolution:

Cancel Anytime

6-Month Full Transformation


The Kinds of Results You Can Expect in the The Wellness Revolution:

Accountability is the KEY to making long-term change!

Listen, change is hard. I get it. It can be TOUGH to get in and stay in a healthy routine unless you have someone by your side encouraging you (and sometimes cracking the whip. 🙂 )

With the Wellness Revolution, I’m right there with you to guide you, teach you, hold your hand and lift you up as you progress on your journey toward holistic wellness that serves your body AND your soul.

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Hi I'm Amber!

My name is Amber Shaw, and I’m a mom, certified personal trainer, and board certified health and wellness coach. I know what it’s like to be a full-time single working mom in a high-stress job, looking in the mirror and feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I spent my whole life bouncing from one diet to the next and hating what I say in the mirror.  I have always had very dysfunctional relationship with food and felt it was my master.

When I hit 40, all of a sudden my body just didn’t feel the same as it was in my 20s and 30s. Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life, but after I had my kids (and gained 65 pounds with each!) it suddenly felt impossible to lose that “baby weight.” The weight-loss strategies I had used in the past didn’t work anymore. 

I tried every diet on the planet. I’d lose the weight, but as soon as I went back to normal life, BOOM, the pounds came back. I found myself back in a vicious loop of deprivation dieting - and I was more unhappy with my body than ever.  

You know how all those crazy diets like macro counting and calorie counting and logging every morsel you eat seems sooooo unnatural? Guess what? They are. Human beings aren’t meant to eat that way. It wasn’t until I focused on common-sense clean eating and exercise that doesn’t require hours in the gym that I found TRUE FREEDOM! 

My body finally changed! And so did my mindset. I got out of diet prison (because that’s what it feels like!) and finally shed the weight for good in a way that doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m “missing out” on life! 

Here's what you get when you join!

  • 24/7 access to me for quickie questions to help you troubleshoot on the fly! ($400 value)
  • Suggested monthly workout calendar and BRAND NEW workouts each month, accessible and housed in your own fitness app! ($250 value)
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom coaching with me! This is where we do 1:1 coaching in a group setting. I'll be here to keep you on track, celebrate your wins and coach you through your struggles along with your new best friends from the group! ($250 value)
  • Weekly LIVE trainings from me, where I will continue to educate you on the big dial movers when it comes to your nutrition, fitness and mindset ($175 value)
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group, where my team and I will be cheering you on and supporting your journey every day! ($150 value)
  • Simple new recipes from my kitchen so you can achieve the results you're after EVEN FASTER! ($25 value)
  • Monthly Guest Experts to educate and inspire you on the topics that really move the needle when it comes to your health and wellness!  ($125 value)
  • Monthly Challenges with fun prizes to keep you motivated! ($50 value)


TOTAL VALUE: $1425 per month 

PRICE: $49.83 per month (6 month transformation)

Choose the option that's best for YOU:

Cancel Anytime

6-Month Full Transformation



  • But Amber, do I really need to do this?If I had a dollar for every person that did REALLY WELL in the first 30 days of a new workout/healthy eating regimen and then fell off the wagon …. I’d be drinking on a beach somewhere instead of working for a living! People that make serious transformations always have one thing in common. No, it’s not willpower. It’s accountability. Having someone there to keep you on track is PRICELESS. If you don’t have that, you risk losing your momentum and crashing and burning … again. I’ve seen it happen enough times to know this for a FACT.
  • Will I have time?  I am sooo freakin busy?  Girl, please.  I am living the working-mom life, too. I know how crazy it gets. That’s why I’ve designed The Wellness Revolution so you can do it ANY time! Whether you’ve got 30 minutes on your lunch break, an hour after the kids are in bed, or 10 minutes between meetings - you can fit this in!
  • Is this really worth the money? I’m not a Kardashian.  If I was a Kardashian, I STILL wouldn’t give you this membership for free. Here’s why: You’ve got to have skin in the game if you really want to be motivated. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that for a FACT. So I ask you to either join for $49/month (which is probably less than you’re spending at Starbucks) or $247 for 6 months (you get one month free!) so you take meaningful action on your commitment to being healthy.  Action = results
  • I can hardly boil an egg. Can I handle these recipes?  If you can boil the water to put the egg in, you can do this. I make every recipe super simple because, hello, you’re busy. Plus, you probably already have all the ingredients in your cabinet. I won’t be asking you to buy moon dust or a single feather from a Dodo bird-like other healthy-eating gurus who don’t understand REAL life! 
  • I’m soooo tired after work and the kids. Won’t I end up quitting anyway?  This is my FAVORITE question! I’ve found that a lot of busy women aren’t actually tired because of lack of sleep. They’re tired because they eat food that doesn’t fuel their body and don’t exercise! If you’re tired of being tired, this program will actually fix that by giving you the energy you’ve been missing!
  • Do I have to do this on some crazy schedule?  No! You can do every part of this on your schedule. The only thing that’s “scheduled” is the weekly check-ins. Can’t make it live? No worries. I’ll post the replay to watch later.
  • What kind of equipment do I need?  I like to keep it simple and use bands and body weight.  Dumbbells are always an option but not a requirement.
  • Are there shakes and supplements I need to buy? Absolutely NOT!  I teach you how to lose weight (and keep it off) eating REAL food.  The shake systems, detoxes and diet pills aren't sustainable!
  • Are the modifications available for beginners in the workouts?  Absolutely. You will find that all of my workouts are based on more simple exercises that you can build on and ramp up the intensity as you get stronger.  So you can absolutely modify and work your way up.  If ever you are not sure how to modify an exercise, this is where the personal access to me comes in!  I will never leave you hanging!


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