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TWR 006: 3 Steps to Getting Off the Crazy Train of Dieting

It’s common to think that something is wrong with us when we’re not able to stick with a diet. We might feel shame or guilt because we just can’t follow the plan. Have you ever considered that maybe there’s something wrong with the diet and not with you? When we force ourselves to keep a super limiting crazy diet, it’s very likely that we will: a) feel miserable; b) give up; and c) start another crazy diet in an endless cycle.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber shares with you 3 simple steps to get off the crazy train of dieting and finally free yourself from being anxious about food. By applying these 3 tips, you will start to have a healthier relationship with food, embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, and yes, dropping a few pounds along the way!

Wellness Quote

  • “If you are listening to this and you are somebody that struggles with dieting: you are ready to get off the crazy train of dieting. You are ready to stop this, and really start to enjoy your life and not be such a slave to food.” – Amber Shaw 

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If you are tired of crash diets, frustrated with what you see in the mirror, and want to follow along a more sustainable way to get the weight off, join the waitlist for The 30 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart with Amber here:

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